Gregory Greenwood

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I was born in Chicago,IL and I attended Paul Roberson High School. My hobbies are Sports and listen to Music. And I like to fish. And also I like to have a good time. And I like to go to Baseball and Basketball games. And I like to eat out. And I think that I'm good at talking about Sports and Entertainments. And I love cute and pretty young ladys.

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
Some one call me about this Business and ask me if I wanna to join Glocal Income and I said yes because it sound like a real good Business. And the reason why I join Glocal Income is because I believe that when you are dealing with stores as a Business you really can make a lot of money because every one like to shop. And it did not cost that much to join.

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
My initial concerns was is this a real Business? And do they do what they say there going to do?, because I have heard of a lot of Business that give you big talk but do not pay you any money. Well they do, because I have made some money and you can to.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
I overcame my concerns by puting my trust in god. And also the people that help you work in this Business really do make you understand that this is a real Business. And they really do do what they say.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
The VIP Leadership,and they help you alone the way so you can succeed in this Business. And I think that this is a real good Business, because it is a Global Business. And you can make more money in a Global Business then you can in a Local Business. And I also like that you can make money on cash points on the items that me and the Members purchase.

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
My vision on how to help future VIP Members make some money in this Business is to show them how I started to succeed in this Business so they can start to succeed to.