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I am married to a wonderful person called Robin; we have three grown up children. Two in New Zealand and one in Canada. From them we have Six grandchildren.
We have a nice home, in one of the most beautiful areas in the world called Mairangi Bay,Auckland New Zealand.
My occupation Consulting Electrical Engineer Businessman.
My hobbies and interests are The Coast Guard and Crewing on a Sailing Ship once a week for the Maritime Museum. Electronics, computers, education and sport.
Being a Glocal Income Business Building System Member from Auckland, New Zealand is the best, because I can build my Glocal Income Business Building System business locally and I have the opportunity to build an international Home internet marketing business opportunities too! My business has great team work and anyone can join worldwide. At this point in time I am a Team Coach with the GIBBS.
Take the High Road to Wealth under the guidance of a proven businessman and earn extra income with this legitimate home based business opportunity.

After 30 years as a successful businessman, I retired, only to find I could not sit back and do nothing.

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
I found a Tear off advert in a Super Market which I answered and the rest is History.

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
Weather the Glocal Income Business Building System Internet Company was legitimate and honest. Not just another scam promising you lots of money in your first month. So I was very cautious and I checked it out many times before I decided to Upgrade.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
I went into the web page many times, I am positive my Upline Member was tearing his hair out. Interestingly enough at the bottom of the sign up page it asked if I had any questions, this was mine “What are you selling and how much does it cost”. I was then cordially contacted by my upline by email and phone and the rest is history so they say.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
So I joined in 2006 a legitimate home based business opportunity in that provides stability and have been in business for fifteen Years and is a well-established international company. This network marketing opportunity is based on a very strict business ethical lines. The 30 day Money Back Guarantee allows the Members to test the waters, live in an actual real time operation to make a informed, considered decision, as to weather they wish to continue or if it is not for them they can still get their money back.

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
As an experienced mentor and guide I am committed to the members that I have sponsored to work from home as a career and network marketing opportunity.
As a successful team we are assisting many people to reach their financial goals making money from the internet and to shop online at a discount.
You can start your home based business without affecting your present position and earn extra income. Eventually go full-time securing your own destiny. With an unlimited Potential income you can make money from the internet and continue to work even when you are retired. As business builders we can grow and work together as a team in order to reach our dreams.
A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first Little Steps….
Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.