Theresa McGahan

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Welcome to my page! If you are searching for a real, legitimate network marketing opportunity – an internet business you can build t o a secure financial future, you are at the right place. If you are looking for a way to save money on your everyday purchases, this is the best spot to begin! If you like to help charities and other people in need, you may very well find the best possibilities here! You have reached the home page of someone who firmly believes in the benefits of ClubShop Rewards – The ClubShop Mall, a stable, proven, established company whose purpose is to give a “boost up” to people seeking to build their own secure financial future whether they live in North Platte, Nebraska, or another international place.
My name is Theresa McGahan. I am a native Nebraskan with deep roots in the rural farm country of Perkins County, Nebraska. My four brothers, my sister and I were all raised on the farm which became the McGahan farm in the 1880's when our great-grandfather homesteaded the land. I know first hand the powerful love of farming and of heritage which gives people the strength to hold on to their dreams when the going gets tough! I also know the value to rural people of having access to ways to earn money from home through home based internet business opportunities.

My life experience has included work in many different professions in several different states. I have been a teacher, a nurse assistant, a parish minister, an immigration consultant, and an attorney, among other things. My home has been in Nebraska, Louisville, Kentucky, Westerville, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Morgantown, West Virginia, and St. Louis, Missouri. Most of these years were spent working for non-profit organizations. I have enjoyed each different profession and LOVED the experience of being part of each of those places. I am now facing the limitations of “retired” living while looking forward to a secure financial future thanks to my self-owned small business with ClubShop Rewards!

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
I first heard of the ClubShop Rewards through a newspaper article I found on the internet when I was looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunities. I was just recovering from a truly disastrous experience with a different internet based business. The ClubShop Rewards website promised many things the other group had promised. However, there were several significant differences. I could have a free membership for as long as I wanted it to give me a chance to check things out and see if this was really a legitimate business. If I decided to build my own business, the initial fee and the monthly membership fees were extremely low. ClubShop Rewards clearly stated there were no promises about the amount of income I could earn. It would take time to build the business to the point of being profitable. I could work the business part time while continuing with my current full time job. ClubShop Rewards also offered the support of team leaders to help this new member get started. Within a day or so of finding the article, I decided to sign up for a paid membership. That was nearly ten years ago. I have never regretted my decision!

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
Of course there were the occasional "worries" about whether I could really build my own business and be financially secure. My financial experience has mostly been one of trying to make the paycheck stretch to the next payday. The 30 day money back guarantee helped calm those fears at first. It did not take long, however, to become convinced that I was part of a business which is built on integrity with a foundation rooted deeply in the conviction that any person who chooses to see himself or herself as a winner can succeed. My leadership team has been an enormous help, offering tools, resources, encouragement and direction. Together Everyone Earns More! Success is a TEAM-work. This business opportunity to build a secure financial future working from home is legitimate and is open to everyone.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
ClubShop Rewards had many features that addressed my initial skepticism and distrust. First of all, the contact information for the Club and for each person who reached out to me was clearly visible. It was very easy to get in touch if I had questions. Second, the history of ClubShop Rewards and the goals for the future were spelled out on the website. It did not take long to realize that if the leadership of ClubShop Rewards promised us something would happen I could count on it happening – often ahead of schedule. Third, the focus of the leadership was and continues to be the good of the entire Membership. Anything that is developed as a new feature makes our work of building our own business easier and more enjoyable. Fourth and most importantly, this business is all about empowering people to build their own financially secure future. We reach that financially secure future ONLY by helping a bunch of other folks build their own financially secure future. For me, that is a dream-come-true.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
Life as a Partner with ClubShop Rewards is NEVER dull! There are always new friends to meet, new members to introduce to this awesome business, new landmarks to celebrate. Just when I think the leadership team could not possibly come up with anything better than what we already have, they introduce some new. The new advantages always far surpass anything we have had before. My experience of this opportunity to have a self-owned home based internet business gives me confidence that I now have a secure financial future - not to mention the good friends scattered around the world and knowing my life makes a difference!

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
As the child of farmers, I am – and will probably always be – concerned about the conditions of farmers and rural communities. When I first connected my experience of ClubShop Rewards with my awareness of the very real struggle of farmers to financially keep their farms going I got so excited I almost danced. I can clearly envision farmers being able to create enough income working from their homes at their own pace to pass their farms on to their next generation. I can see young parents able to be home with their children while working their business around their family’s schedule. I can see elderly and disabled being able to stay in their own homes because they or their caregivers have the financial security and freedom to help them do so while they earn money from home. One of the most exciting things about ClubShop Rewards is that it levels the playing field. No matter where you live, no matter what your past experience, no matter if you live in the heart of the big city or the middle of the Sandhills of Nebraska, if you have the need for a stable income and the belief in yourself to follow your dream, you can build your secure financial future with ClubShop Rewards! I challenge you to give this legitimate home based business opportunity a try!