ClubShop Affinity Group Program

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Free Nonprofit Fundraising Program

Raising funds to support a non-profit or charitable organization can be difficult and time consuming. The ClubShop Affinity Group program makes it easy for a non-profit organization to raise funds on an ongoing basis, by simply posting the links and banners we will provide you (that have your organization's ID number embedded) to your website, newsletters, bulletins, brochures, etc. - this is all you need to do!Whenever any person clicks on the link or banner, or goes to your webpage and signs up for a free membership in our Buyer's Club, your organization gets the credit for referring them. Any purchases made by Members that your organization referred, will earn the purchasing Member "Reward Points" (which are redeemable for Cash Back rebates or Gift Certificates) AND we will credit a percentage of each purchase back to your organization as a charitable donation.The percentage donated will vary, but typically averages about 2% and can be as much as 6%, depending on the commission we earn from the store. How much the donations can total each month will depend on where the purchases are made, how much they total each month and how many people your organization refers to become Members.All your organization has to do is get the word out! Help people to "Shop and Save the ClubShop Way" and earn valuable ClubReward Points on their online purchases, while enabling them to have a percentage of all of their ClubShop Mall purchases donated to your organization. Get started now by adding your Affinity Group Banner Link to your website and/or newsletter and begin a new way of fund raising today!

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ClubShop Mall Affinity Group Program

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