Joyce Doerr

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Welcome to my webpage. My name is Joyce Doerr. I was born and raised in Anderson Indiana. I relocated to Englewood Florida 7 years ago after meeting the love of my life, now husband. I am a mother 3 teenage boys and a daughter in college. When I am not working, I am pursuing my hobby of photography, assisting with my husbands musical performances, or attending the many school functions that comes along with all the teenagers.

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
After relocating to Englewood Florida, I had driven by the DHS Club headquarters many times and decided to stop in and see what it was all about.

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
As I had never been involved in a home based business, I was concerned about how I could learn to build a successful business online.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
I was able to overcome the concerns once I was able to review all the training available in the E-Business Institute. It is a wonderful training system that allows you to learn at your own pace, while teaching you step by step how to build a successful home business. I also found that the support of the Team Coaches and other VIP's are a huge help.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
The DHS Club is an honest and reputable company that has an 12 year track record to prove that it will be around. The thing I like the most is all the teamwork and support. Everyone really does work together to help each other succeed. It is also nice getting to know people and work with people from all over the world. Add all that in with the 30 day money back guarantee and you have nothing at all to lose!

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
As the Chief Executive Director of our Team, I have committed myself to be a good leader for my team by "leading by example". I will encourage and assist all VIP's the same way my mentors have for me.