Peter Bech

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Hello, I am Peter Bech. Let me tell you a little about me. I have an university degree in theatre science. It is academic research, but I have been involved in nearly every role within practical theatre over the years. I am retired now. But that does not mean, that I stop with my work. I have books from floor to ceiling, which I haven't had time to read until now, and I spend time catching up on other things as well. I have a 4 room flat in a quite corner of the city, with a great view from my balcony.
I am single, and it allows me to spend a large part of my time on this business
that I can work from home. My computer and the internet takes sometimes too much of my time, but with email, writing and communicating, using skype, there are never enough.

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
I joined DHS in the fall 1998. I think I found it by simply browsing. It was a fairly small club then, but on the rise. And its amazing to think that it has
grown to its present size in just seven years. It was free, and it was a nice way to get a discount on my online purchases, which I could transfer into gift cards for christmas and birthdays. My sponsor taught me to re-invest
my savings in the business, to make it grow. Buying leads and paid advertising.
This was before the online training, the e-institute, was available.

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
I cannot say, that I had a real doubt about upgrading to a VIP but it happened in an unortodox way. When I joined as a free member, I received a free page. On the left sidebar, there was a button and a link, telling me, that behind that
button was hidden the benefits of being a VIP. I am a very curious person, and
if the only way to find the hidden stuff was to upgrade, well, then it was what
I had to do. I have been lucky an I haven't had really bad experiences, so it was not a problem fo me to upgrade.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
The 30 days guarantee was a help to overcome any concerns that I might have, but the real decisive reason was the unwillingness to lose the downline. I upraded the last day, about 5 minutes before deadline, I remember. I could now, finally see what was hidden behind that link on the left sidebar.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
There are many ways to test how solid a program and a company is. As for the DHS Clubshop its insistence upon integrity and stability is impressive, and the e-institute has evolved over the years, and has a really useful resource, that supplement my uplines support plus the backing up of a strong network. But the main benefit is the online mall, or malls, and it is a simple way to buy products that you would buy anyway, like walmart, ebay, amazon, staples etc.
There is even a hidden source of income in the mall, by the principle that
"money saved is money earned". And there are really great offers here, that covers anything from fashions, shoes, to luxury like flowers and chocolates,
services like discounts on hotels, vacations, transportation etc. And you can convert your savings to gift cards, that you can use for christmas and birthdays

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
The core of the DHS business is the team. In dealing with my team, I am not the "captain" but more the "first mate", who has been here longer than you and therefore know where most of the obstacles and stumbleblocks are, and have found ways to overcome them. For a new VIP there are mistakes, and there are silly mistakes. Some of the mistakes are necessary, as they give you experience, but I will help you avoid the silly mistakes. But teamwork is a two-way process that require feedback in order to work. It is a business, a home based one, and it must be treated as such, keep office hours, make schedules, keep records, communicate with your members regularly. I will start you on the road, but you will find that it is the combined efforts of all the members, of the team itself, that is the real strength of this online home based business.

We have all been where you are, when you upgrade. And soon you will be the one, who tells your members the same. I look forward to meeting you on the team.

Together every one achieves more!