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The ClubShop Online Shopping Mall - Online Aeropostale Store

Aeropostale was established in 1987 and is an American clothing retailer that can be mainly found in large malls across North America. The Aeropostale name originated from a 1920s French and Latin-American airmail firm, Compagnie Generale Aeropostale. The brand was introduced by the department store Macy's and primarily sold young men's pants and jeans. Since then, the company has evolved and now has girls clothes and has opened several hundred stores in mainly shopping malls across America and Canada (The first Canadian store opened in White Oaks Mall in London, Ontario) under the Aeropostale and Aero names. Aeropostale principally targets and sells to teenagers and young men and women.

Aeropostale products can only be purchased in Aeropostale Mall stores, online through its e-commerce Aeropostale online website and through other online shopping malls such as the ClubShop Online Shopping Mall website

In 2006, Aeropostale started updating their old school airplane hangar warehouse themed stores for a new surfer preppy style generation, known as "Lifestyle" stores. It features bamboo floors, tiki style entrances and dressing rooms that fog up when a person enters.

In 2007, the company began doing more advertising and promotions! The first promotion was selling the new "Fall Out Boy" album that came with a store exclusive t-shirt when you made an Aeropostale purchase. Other promotions include handing out a free beach towel with every fifty-dollar purchase in the summer time and a free holiday bear with a purchase of over one hundred dollars during the Christmas shopping season. The holiday bears that were used for promotions were also donated by Aeropostale stores to local non-profit charities in their local communities.

Aeropostale’s logo is a small butterfly that’s located in the left-hand corner for the women's line and a small standing bulldog or a small A87 logo for the men's polo and dress shirt line.

Aeropostale Stores in the USA can be currently found in these great cities: Reno, Louisville, Syracuse, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Portland and many other great cities.

Aeropostale also has another brand which is a surf type brand called Jimmyz Surf Company. The locations of these stores are limited and may spread through out the United States once they see a rise in sales. Jimmyz currently has under 100 locations in the Untied States.

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