Badrul Hisham Ahmad

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Hi there, greetings from Singapore, I am far away and many miles from other countries, but near to my heart to all of you. Singapore is a small island in the world global, but now is well known all over the country.

I have worked in production line more than 15 year as Supervisor. As the economy is not doing well the company closed business. So I don't know what to do,my last swing I became a delivery driver, but my vision, I want to operate my own company. I now operate my partnership ambulance services in Singapore.

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
Well I ran across the Glocal Income through the current online business while searching the internet for some way to supplement my income and earn extra money
to support my business. I came across an advertisement about the Glocal Income. I now realize that you could do your online shopping without hassle of long lines.While looking over the online ClubShop Malls, I came to find some of my favorite stores were located in the mall worldwide and also my own ClubShop Mall in Singapore.

The more I read about the Glocal Income and the business opportunity the more I became excited. The Glocal Income was not like other online businesses that were out for themselves. Honesty and integrity is the key words here.

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
My initial concerns centered around time available to work Glocal Income as I do work my part time business to become my full time business.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
After talking this over with my Sponsor and at home in some detail however I find doing my homework and adjusting my schedule somewhat I now know this is not a problem.The fact is we have a discount reward based national and international shopping club to offer others 24 hours a day available 7 days week 365 days year.Start shopping today and earn your Club Cash on EVERY purchase!

The training that I receive made me more confident. Getting key support and training from your support team, sponsor and other members is what makes the difference. I have real people there to help and mentor me every step of the way.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
I like that the CEO/Owner steps up and works with and for the company and members.The training and structure is outstanding. The fact the members help each other to grow and earn. Plus the shopping is awesome.

Support is always there all you have to do is ask and it will be given to you. Oh yes when they say a 30 day money back Guarantee you can expect to receive your money back. Please join me by getting your free memberships today!

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
With the support and training in place here with the Glocal Income, I will help any people coming in with me or others as much as I possibly can. I know a Team atmosphere does get faster and better results than standing alone. The opportunity Glocal Income offers it's members to work as an inter-active productive Internet Business from home is second to none.

All VIP members are proof that this system works. I plan and will do my part to make you a success in your home based business. We work together as a team. What I have been trained to do I will do the same. It is Your Choice I just hope you make the right one. I will be here for you. That is my promise to you!
Come join my Team.