Deb Ling

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Hello, I am a resident of Sacramento California, Deb Ling, an international enterpreneur. I have an Internet work at home business where I get monthly savings on all my shopping needs and make money.

A doting grandmother of two girls who live out of state. I grew up in Riverside, also in California. I have lived in many states over the years, and I prefer the earthquakes of California to the hurricanes and evacuations of southern Florida, or the snow and sleet of Michigan and New York.

I have a creative nature and enjoy creating items such as quilts, sewing clothing, crocheting a scarf or writing. I currently work as a columnist for an online site, The Examiner. I previously had a sign business where I created all the graphics, as well as my own newspaper, where I was CEO, editor, and contributing writer.

I have lived and worked in many places, and love having the opportunity to work at home at my global business, in the comfort of my living room, as well as knowing I am saving money shopping for all my needs, while I earn.

How did you find out about ClubShop Rewards?
I found out about Clubshop Rewards through an email on the Internet. At that time, in 2001, I was looking for an online business opportunity, where I could work at home, to supplement my income. I was told that Clubshop Rewards was an international business whose CEO built it on integrity.

I signed up quite quickly and I have never looked back.

What were your initial concerns about upgrading your membership to become a Partner?
My initial concerns about Clubshop Rewards were the same concerns I had every time I read or heard about any Internet business opportunity. Was this opportunity legit? Was it really a global business, or was that just hype? Would it last on the Internet? Would I get ripped off? I had lost money on other Internet opportunities, but since there was a 30 day return policy, I figured I could not go wrong.

How did you overcome those concerns to upgrade and become a Partner?
I overcame my concerns by considering the options and the refund policy. Also I did shop online, and my contact told me I would be saving money on my Internet shopping through the ClubShop Mall. That was a big incentive for me, and as a Partner I would save even more money on my shopping.

What do you like about ClubShop Rewards?
I love Clubshop Rewards. After 15 plus years in this international business, watching it grow, growing pains and all, I still believe in this business. It is always exciting to go to a meeting online or off, introduce yourself and not know if they can even speak your language.

The leadership has been well trained to help their downlines. The policies are in place, the training continues to be updated as changes come into view on the Internet platform.

The CEO Dick Burke still, after all these years, has meetings with all members that can make the online meetings when changes are made and are ready to be implemented. He takes the time to meet with the Partners and explain changes that have been made and how those changes will affect us. He always makes sure that training is in place when the changes are implemented so that we know what changes to make in our own business strategy.

What's your vision on how you're going to help your future Partner Membership succeed?
My vision for my international team, is to continue to communicate with them as needed, and in our online meetings. I am available to them through email or skype. I have found, that the more I communicate with my downline, the more successful they are. I want my team to succeed, and I continue my training to see that my team does.